Garden State Skate: Gaby Ponce

In our very first issue of GSS, Gaby Ponce was kind enough to give us some of her time. That was Novenber/December 2009. She was in high school in Tenafly, NJ. Now she is in college in San Diego, CA. Since then she has placed as Number One Female Vert in X-Games!!! Obviously vert is in her blood in both life and skate. Here's a few words from our questions with Gaby...

Well, hello again…
It's been a little over a year since we first met you and you graced our first cover of Garden State Skate magazine. Now you are all grown up, going to school in California…

California?!!? Why did you go there?
G: I went to college in San Diego because it is the mecca for vert skateboarding. I had to drive 2hrs to get to a vert ramp back at home.
How do you keep skate and competition in your life with school? G: There aren't many girls' contests. There is one Dew Tour stop usually in June where they support the girls and host a contest and there is also XGames in August…So competitions are mainly a summer thing. I practice all year around though.
Any correaltions or discipline similarities? G: Being a chemistry major, I've noticed that if I stop reviewing math or science, my brain becomes rusty and forgetful. If I don't practice skateboarding, then my muscles become forgetful.
Is art playing a role in school and to what degree if so? G: None, however, I paint or draw when I find free time.
What's integral to your skating or that of an artist or both? G: Independence and creativity.
In your opinion, what is your role as a role model, especially for girls as skate is so male-dominated (for now)? G: Demonstrate to future girl skaters that it is a laid back sport–a lot of times guys will cheer for the girls or guys will show the girl how to do a trick.
Kick-flip-indy is on top of your list, what's next? Anything giving you a hard time and what is your ultimate trick to learn/invent? G: Any 540 variation or flip trick variation.
Jersey or Cali when you have to get back to the real life after school? G: Cali.
Any big surprises in life since you've moved on since we last met? G: I now have a car (Toyota Prius) and a house with 2 other roommates.
Any shout outs? G: I would like to thank my family and sponsors for all their help and support.
When's your next big event? G: XGames.
What's the best piece of advice you've been given or could give to someone who is looking up to Gaby Ponce? G: Nothing comes easily—how much work you put in is how much you will get out. You can only control yourself, you cannot control others.