Garden State Skate GG Allin

gg allinWhat do, onstage defecation and "performer on audience" violence have to do with freedom? A hell of a lot. Since the beginning of time it seems art has propelled the human race forward. In the expression of art the unbearable can be made bearable and plans for a better future can be forged. The ultimate censorship of art would truly be a death sentence for humanity.
GG Allin, the self proclaimed messiah of rock and roll, perhaps best remembered for his notorious live performances which typically featured transgressive acts, such as defecating and urinating onstage, rolling in feces and often consuming excrement, performing naked, committing self-injury, and attacking audience members, is a necessary sign post on the road of free speech. Whether you're a fan of GG and his fecal body painting or not, you have to admit that his existence as a performer is an important parameter. His legacy is like a roaring fire. It can burn you to death or it can sustain and enhance your life, artistically speaking. The freedom to create without fear of censorship leads to new ideas and progress. If humans were afraid to think outside the box there would be no Reese's Peanut Butter Cups or street skating.
An artist like GG Alin gives the lovers of free speech or lovers of the creative process, breathing room. His right to be out there lets all of the free thinkers of the world fear no boundaries.

By John Bis