Garden State Skate: Diary of a Madman,
IPATH NW Tour 2010

Photos and captions by Lou Metal.

When you walk right off a 5 am departing flight with 2 layovers, chances are you get food, beer, and then a sleeping bag, Myself and Fred hit it up then slept in the grass for about 5 hours while everyone else worked on the ramp––you know you’re tired if you can sleep around power tools. The next day I was caught up on my sleep and got up early… the other two pictures are what I found: body’s everywhere.

The next day we packed up the van…just hope you don’t need to get your bag in cause it ain’t happenin’.
The kid on the stretcher––yeah, you think it happened skating at the park, huh? Nope, kid was so drunk he just fell out on his face in between the skate park and playground.His buddy was out cold in the baseball field. This put heat on the whole park, cops, meds, we had to hide our beer…
Ryan Reyes getting the sunset photo, Air baby for life!!!!

What can I say, Ben and Ryan are always MVP at any park, any where, the next photos prove that.